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Century 21 Films Ltd is a multi-faceted production company whose work spans drama to documentary, miniature effects to puppet shows.

It was founded by a group of filmmakers who first collaborated on Filmed in Supermarionation, the story of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's hit puppet shows including Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet.

Since then, we have worked for a multitude of high-profile clients including ITV, BBC, Mammoth Productions, British Film Institute and the Halifax working on projects such Thunderbirds, Endeavour, Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone. Our second feature length documentary, Cartoon Carnival - presents a history of American silent animation.

In addition to our regular filmmaking services, we specialise in ‘Supermarionation’ - the puppetry filming technique used to make shows like Thunderbirds and have collaborated with ITV repeatedly to provide specialised services. Our work has been featured on The One Show, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, BBC News, ITV News and Mastermind.


"I enjoyed the puppets very much. Getting up close and personal with Stephen La Rivière’s wonders. His team is fantastic, and I could happily spend the rest of my days doing nothing but working with them." 

– Russell Lewis, WRITER of 'ENDEAVOUR'

"Filmed in Supermarionation’s vibrant storytelling captures the vitality, innocence and sense of joy of the series themselves, especially with the inspired choice to cast Parker and Lady Penelope as the narrators — with technical explanations of filming techniques supplied by Brains, naturally. The narration scenes are genuinely funny — the film opens with Parker wondering existentially where he came from. The whole film is a delight, in fact, thanks to a mixture of cheeky reminiscences and craftily chosen clips."

– Rich Trenhome, CNET NEWS

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